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The purpose of this document is to help you, the residents, enjoy living in Cliffords Inn by giving a brief description of the services provided, together with other information that should help facilitate this.

Clifford's Inn enjoys the important benefit of having only one facade that fronts on to a road; the other three sides give on to courtyards which are inaccessible after 6.30 pm and on to the gardens behind St. Dunstan's House. It is, therefore a quiet and peaceful location. Clifford's Inn will continue to be a pleasant home for its residents if everyone respects the right of their neighbours to the quiet enjoyment of their flats.

The lease reinforces this by providing that residents should not cause or permit anything to be done which constitutes a nuisance or which causes annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to other lessees and residents. The lease also specifically restricts the use of musical instruments and equipment for playing music and singing between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am and also obliges lessees, their visitors and employees who use the common parts between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am to do so as quietly as possible, especially when closing doors, and to take special care not to disturb or annoy the other residents.

Please note particularly that


Cliffords Inn is divided into two parts. One part is residential and contains around 100 flats (the Residential Part). The other part is dedicated principally to commercial use. The residential part was modernised in the 1970s and a facade designed by the architect Boyd Auger was erected on the front of the building (the original drawings for this facade can still be found in the Victoria and Albert museum). In 2014 a new facade replaced the 1970s facade and the offices on the first two floors were extended and an additional eight flats were built. The new flats are not part of Cliffords Inn residential. They are known as the Fetter Lane Apartments and they have their own entrance and a separate postal address.

The freeholder is lngrove Ltd, c/o CLSH Management Ltd, 86 Bondway, London, SW9 1SF.

Clifford's Inn Management Company Ltd (CIMC) is the company formed to manage the residential part of the block on behalf of the lessees. Its registered address is 28-44 Alma St, Luton, LU1 2PL. All lessees own a share in the company. CIMC is solely concerned with the residential part of the building; it has no responsibility for the commercial part or those flats known as the Fetter Lane Apartments.

All residents are responsible for bagging their refuse and placing the bags in one of the service rooms located on each corridor. CIMC's staff collect the bags daily and carry them to the outside of the building for collection by the Corporation of London. Please ensure that kitchen rubbish is in secure and well-sealed plastic bags tightly tied so that no smell or liquids escape. Try to avoid discarding any liquids as these can seep from plastic bags and stain the carpets in the common parts on being moved out of the building.

All rubbish MUST be placed in one or other of the two types of bag provided by the Corporation of London.

Recycling is everyone's responsibility. See through bags are provided for mixed recycling. These are available in every service room for residents or can be requested from the porters. Articles do not need to be separated and the following can all be placed in the same see-through bag:

plastic (but no black bags)
clean aluminium foil and food containers

Please note: No polystyrene should be put in recycling bags

There are clear instructions on the bags and also displayed on the walls of the refuse rooms on how and what to recycle. Recycling bags must not be used for any other purpose than recycling.

All other rubbish must be placed in the white plastic Corporation of London bags which can be obtained from the porters. Small household bags can be placed in the dustbins provided but they must be sealed and they must not overflow the top of the bin. Loose refuse must not be placed in these bins.

NB The Corporation of London will not remove rubbish unless it is in one of these two types of bag so larger items must be cut up to fit the bags.


Please Note: The service rooms are for domestic refuse only. Contractors must remove all packaging, debris and redundant fittings and take them away for disposal.

Wherever possible, ask delivery companies to take away packaging from appliances and large items. Many delivery companies will do this on request.

If any unwanted items could be used by someone else rather than being discarded, residents are urged to consider donating these to charity. The nearest charity shop is located in Leather Lane which is less than ten minutes' walk from Cliffords Inn. This charity shop is very happy to receive donations and will also accept electrical items providing they are working.

For larger items many charities provide a pick up service which is free of charge as opposed to the Corporation of London which levies a charge to dispose of items.

Where items are not in a suitable state for donation residents should telephone the Corporation of London collection service and make arrangements for collection. A list of relevant telephone numbers is available from the porters at the front desk/below.

The roof is NOT included in the common parts. Certain areas of the roof are leased as private terraces and the lessees of the relevant flats, their tenants, guests and contractors are entitled to use the areas leased to them. The remainder of the roof is strictly out of bounds to anyone except to the freeholder and CIMC's authorised contractors and the access doors to the roof are kept locked.

CIMC has appointed Aston Rose to act as its professional managing agent and to carry out the management of the residential part of the building on its behalf. They have appointed Jonathan Thorpe to manage Cliffords Inn. Please contact him if you have any problems. His details are, telephone: 0207 6291533 and email:

CIMC has established a website at This website gives a lot of historical information about Cliffords Inn, the oldest and longest-lasting of the Inns of Chancery which existed on this site from 1304 to 1900. The website is slowly being expanded as more information becomes available.


Cliffords Inn complies with current fire regulations and currently enjoys a low fire hazard rating. The fire alarm is tested every week at 11 am on Thursdays.

Emergency evacuation.
There are only two exit routes from the building in the event of an emergency evacuation. These are the front door, via the passages, the front stairs and the front lobby and the back door via the passages, the back stairs and the back lobby. It is essential that these areas are kept clear of anything which could block or trip people trying to escape in an emergency. The porters have strict instructions to remove any personal property found in the corridors and other public areas, such as shoes, door mats, bicycles, children's toys, prams and buggies, without exception

In the event of an emergency evacuation, the lifts must NOT be used. There is NO emergency exit or escape route via the roof.

Smoking is prohibited in the public parts of the building by law, and this prohibition is strictly enforced by CIMC and Aston Rose.

The residential part of the building is served by internal and external CCTV surveillance backed up by a recording system. The porters are required to be vigilant to prevent unauthorised access to the building and the individual flats.

The security systems put in place by CIMC and Aston Rose, will, however, only work with the full and active co-operation of all the lessees and residents.

Lessees and residents also have a responsibility for ensuring the safety of everyone else who uses the building. Never allow anyone into the building whose identity is unknown. If someone asks to be let in, refer them to the porter on duty. If any person is seen acting suspiciously or an unauthorised entry appears to have taken place, report it immediately to the porter on duty and if appropriate dial 999.

Please note that no one is permitted to enter the building wearing a full face helmet.

Please help with the security of the building by taking the following precautions:-

Please note that persons seeking entry to a flat in the absence of a lawful resident may be admitted only if advance written notice has been received from that resident. The porters have instructions to request (politely) the identification of anyone wishing to enter the block who is unknown to them.

The front door is opened from the outside by entering the current code on the digipad or by buzzing reception. Please do NOT give the digipad code to anyone except family members or close friends.

The postman is permitted to enter the building and deliver the post to each flat. The post is usually delivered at about midday. Parcels and packages will be kept at the front desk if the resident is not at home to take delivery.

Parcels can be left with the porters who will sign for them as necessary. They are then kept behind the reception desk until the resident comes to collect them. Large items are left in reception for a short time. The porters will call the resident to let them know that a parcel has arrived and let them know to come and collect it.

Hot food or groceries deliveries are sent straight up to the flats without the resident coming down to meet the delivery person.

Note: The posting of unsolicited mail through residents' doors by lessees/other residents is strictly prohibited. Lessees who sub-let MUST ensure that their sub-tenants are familiar with the contents of this entire section.

If a lift stops between floors or the doors will not open, please use the handset inside the lift to seek help. There are three numbers, (front desk, lift company and 999). The call will automatically divert to the next number in sequence if the first number does not respond.

A full list of the staff is available on the Aston Rose website at

The telephone for Cliffords Inn reception is 020 7405 4715

Please bear in mind that the porters are entitled to meal and breaks and that they also have to carry out daily patrols of the building and bring down the rubbish. There may, therefore, be times when the front desk is unmanned. In this case the porters can be contacted on the following mobile phone number: 07501 875920. Their general duties are as follows: "
If a lessee or resident has any queries or problems these should be referred to the duty porter in the first instance. There is a complaints/suggestions book at the front desk in which residents and lessees can record matters that they wish to bring to the attention of Aston Rose.

There is a secure cabinet behind the front desk for anyone who wishes to leave a set of keys to his or her flat so the security officers can get access to the flat in the event of an emergency.

CIMC insurance covers the common parts and the building but not the interior parts or contents of any of the flats.

The building is provided with a communal digital terrestrial television system. CIMC is responsible for the aerial and for the wiring up to each flat. Any fault in the wiring or socket within a flat is the responsibility of the lessee.

If there is a problem with television reception, please speak to the duty security officer.

Individual satellite dishes are NOT permitted and any that are found secured to the external walls of the building will be removed forthwith at the expense of the lessee concerned.

The residential part of the building is wired for broadband by Hyperoptic, with wiring extending to immediately outside of each flat. Residents are can choose whether to use this service and are individually responsible for arranging with Hyperoptic for the broadband service to be connected to their property

This list was compiled in February 2017. An updated list is held by the porters

Corporation of London Services
Noise nuisance City of London, Guildhall, EC2P 2EJ (020 7332 3630)
Refuse 020 7606 3110 Address: Guildhall, EC2P 2EJ (020 7606 3110


This website has been developed by Piers Nicholson and Pauline Lovell, both of whom are directors of CIMC. We would welcome suggestions from residents or leaseholders on any matters relating to the website.

The information in this Resident's Handbook is provided for the collective benefit of all residents for the purpose of creating a harmonious atmosphere and maintaining the character, reputation, and high standards which residents are entitled to expect at Cliffords Inn. Nothing in this Handbook affects or releases lessees and their tenants from the covenants contained in the lease.